Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sheet Set Info

In response to comments/questions: the sheet set referred to in my previous post was from a catalog page sent to me by JLM. She knew I would love to see those "animaux" knitting away! The description is all in French. The designer is Zofia Rostad and the manufacturer is Elve. has a lot of Zofia Rostad bedding, but I didn't find this set :-((( I did a Google search, but haven't seen this set yet. Perhaps someone else will have better luck.
French bedding is not the same size as here in the U.S. - Just an FYI.

UPDATE from JLM - She has been going through old magazines and catalogs and tearing out items of interest. So it's probable that the catalog and picture of the sheet set is quite old. AWWWW - really not fair! Still cute though!

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woolwoman said...

Karen - how nice that your little birth announcement made Prim Betty's blog - it looks cute on there. Can't wait to see you and see what you are working on. Mel