Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I NEED a Twin Bed

So then I can get this sheet set??? It's too cute! Why would this just be made for kids??? It's not fair! Wouldn't EVERY knitter want to sleep with these industrious animals??? Well, I sure would, and I'd probably even get into bed earlier every night so I could knit a few rows myself with my buddies before heading off to a yarn-filled dreamland.

Hmmmm. . . . Then in the morning, I could knit some more with them while having my coffee.

I'm sure eventually I'd have to leave them to work on their projects during the day, but I'd be back to join them again later.

I just had to share this with some of my knitting friends. I know that secretly we ALL would want these!


Jackie said...

How adorable? Where did you find it?

primitivebettys said...

That is really cute! :)

I've just posted your ~*Blessings*~ finish on my blog... wanted to let ya know.

Have a GREAT day!



woolwoman said...

OMG - SOOOOO Cute - I would love these - Where did you see them? I could at least get a set of pillowcases and throw one in my big comfy chair in my wool room. Don't the kittie kiddies need "their" own twin bed that might have whimsical sheets? Fun - Mel