Thursday, October 15, 2009

Could it bee???

the middle of October already?

Last week, I stitched up a little freebie from primitivebettys blog, and personalized the piece so I could give it to a friend's baby girl for Christmas. Then it hit me, FOR CHRISTMAS!!! Oh, no! Christmas is in December and it's now October. Well, at least this one present is done, but I better get to a few more, or at least start my LIST. No more lounging around like the two I live with!

This piece just came together - a small piece of Lakeside linen in Vintage Bittersweet (gorgeous pinky tones) that was sitting around, along with some CC Clay Pot, the freebie pattern, and a pre-made frame with cute little irredescent stars on it in just the right size! I added the crown to the pattern and changed the date in the box to the baby's name.

This freebie along with some great others can be found at:
And check out all of her patterns. Love them. Halloweenie and Primitive ones.


woolwoman said...

Ok - I presume that is Eddie hamming it up for the photo opp LOL

the little piece you did for Anna is darling - sometimes things do come together just that easily.

I scrounged thru stash for the little BBD freebie I did for a remembrance of a friends honeymoon in France. It came together just that easy. I'll be showing a photo of that in my next post.

Middle of October and you know what that means - only TWO WEEKS till our Halloween workshop at the Azalea House - WHOOOO - can't wait to see you. Mel

primitivebettys said...

Beautiful finish & such a sweet gift! I love how you personalized it. :) Things did come together very nicely for the gift. Thank you for sharing. I'll be posting on my blog for Friday Finishes. :)