Friday, September 25, 2009


Isn't that guy the cutest??? How did someone in M&M's marketing think of the perfect item - A bee guy (holding a pumpkin) with stickers and a stamp and CHOCOLATE all in one! Hmmm. . . Could it BEE that this would BEE appealing to kids? Probably, but also to a chocolate addicted bee-lover who scrapbooks, like me! Thanks to a friend for gifting it to me. Hightail it over to a Cracker Barrel if you want one for yourself.

I've been meaning to show a few of my latest knitting projects, but since several are presents to others, I can't post pictures of those yet. So, here's the latest scarf that I'm working on. I love to have a mindless knitting project going and the pleated wrap on the front of the Spring/Summer issue of Debbie Bliss' magazine is a perfect one - almost all garter stitch with some interest along one side. I considered going on the hunt for the DK weight yarn the pattern calls for, but decided to shop at home and use my favorite yarn - Malabrigo - which I have quite a bit of! So after re-writing the pattern for the worsted weight plus Malabrigo yarn, I was set to go. The Malabrigo color is Indigo - a medium blue with some purple mixed in. I am loving it and so is Cayenne, who is a HUGE Malabrigo fan too! If the wrap is left out on the couch, she is on it and curled up asleep immediately. I think I'm going to have to knit her a kitty bed out of some Malabrigo - not a mindless project. That will have to go on the to-do list.

Here's the wall of mostly Malabrigo yarn at my LYS, Knit or Knot. Needless to say, it's one of my favorite places to visit every few months for a FIX. I'm pretty sure I could have at least HALF a wall like this at my house if I hung all the Malabrigo out that I have. But it's so much easier to stuff into various crevices if the skeins are kept twisted up. Not so obvious to SOMEONE exactly how much of it is around!

If you've got 4 skeins of Malabrigo worsted weight and want to do the DB Pleated Wrap, cast on 47 stitches, work the pleated edge with 7 stitches ,and knit the 40 stitches. I'm using #10 needles (ebony with mother of pearl encrusted ends - which also add to the enjoyment of the project). The piece is a bit stiff/tight, but I want it to be. So you could always go up to a #10-1/2 for a bit looser piece.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Part Two - Relaxing Night

After the rocket launch, my friend and I walked to one of the docks at the condo to enjoy the sun setting. Pelicans and various wading birds were flying low over the Banana River.

Manatees were just off to the right munching on the grasses.

A lone windsurfer was making his way across the water as the breeze at dusk picked up.

It was a great end to an exciting launch day.

Notice - no beach shots. I've been up to Cocoa three times and have yet to see the beach! Hmmmmm. . . . maybe next time?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rocket Launch

This week I got to ESCAPE to Cocoa Beach for an overnight trip with a friend. Even though we were only gone overnight, it felt like we were gone from home for a week!!! NICE!!! Taking the leisurely 2 hour drive up A1A along the beach probably helps, as well as stopping for lunch along the way. We know we are almost there when we pass. . . .

and then see The World's Famous Surf Shop Ron Jon's. It's huge - takes up an entire block.

After settling into my friend's condo, we await the Atlas 5 rocket launch. The launch window opened at 5:35 p.m. and the weather looked okay, but since the rocket payload was CLASSIFIED, the local news channel didn't do a lot of advance coverage - nothing like the coverage they do when one of the shuttles goes off. So at 5:35 p.m., I stood at the front door of the condo and looked one way and saw the TV with the rocket ready to go,

and then less than a minute later out the front door, there it was flying off!

and as I moved outside I could hear the low rumble of the rocket as it made its ascent.

Another neat launch!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Buzzzz

Here's a fun little piece (key or scissor fob) that I finished early in the long weekend. It's nice to just sit down and bead once in a while and a small project like this one is perfect for that. It's a new piece (last online show) from I saw it during the online show and told Carole (Queen Bee of Always in Stitches) if she bought it, I'd do it for her. Well, she did, and it's done and it is truly fit for a Queen! Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Off to Iraq

While blog surfing the other day, I came across a write-up about a short-term program being run by a U.S. soldier stationed in Iraqi to collect sewing/quilting and knitting goods and have them distributed to Iraqi women. It's called IBOL - Iraqi Bundles of Love. I thought immediately, "Well, don't I have some EXTRA stuff to send?" So after about 1/2 hour in my sewing room, I emerged with enough to easily fill three boxes. The surface of THE STASH was barely scratched, but it did amount to almost 20 pounds!!!

Since the last day to mail stuff is Tuesday, September 8th, I had to hustle and get boxes in the mail. There they are ready to go into the Post Office and off to Iraq. Notice how they are BULGING. Hopefully, someone at that end will put my de-stashed fabric, thread, and yarn to use! He's received over 300 bundles so far.

Here's a link to the program - if anyone else is interested and just happens to be doing some cleaning out this Labor Day weekend! There is a specific way to bundle the stuff up inside the box and boxes need to go in the mail by September 8th to reach the soldier before he leaves to come home. Also, not mentioned - you have to fill out a customs form to go with each box, even though it is an APO address. Post Office has them.

The general information is here:

Information on how to build a bundle is here:

When all else fails, the frequently asked questions are here:

An this was pretty funny: