Friday, September 4, 2009

Off to Iraq

While blog surfing the other day, I came across a write-up about a short-term program being run by a U.S. soldier stationed in Iraqi to collect sewing/quilting and knitting goods and have them distributed to Iraqi women. It's called IBOL - Iraqi Bundles of Love. I thought immediately, "Well, don't I have some EXTRA stuff to send?" So after about 1/2 hour in my sewing room, I emerged with enough to easily fill three boxes. The surface of THE STASH was barely scratched, but it did amount to almost 20 pounds!!!

Since the last day to mail stuff is Tuesday, September 8th, I had to hustle and get boxes in the mail. There they are ready to go into the Post Office and off to Iraq. Notice how they are BULGING. Hopefully, someone at that end will put my de-stashed fabric, thread, and yarn to use! He's received over 300 bundles so far.

Here's a link to the program - if anyone else is interested and just happens to be doing some cleaning out this Labor Day weekend! There is a specific way to bundle the stuff up inside the box and boxes need to go in the mail by September 8th to reach the soldier before he leaves to come home. Also, not mentioned - you have to fill out a customs form to go with each box, even though it is an APO address. Post Office has them.

The general information is here:

Information on how to build a bundle is here:

When all else fails, the frequently asked questions are here:

An this was pretty funny:

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woolwoman said...

such a wonderful worthwhile project - I'm so glad you found it and could get some boxes sent out before the deadline. YGG - Mel