Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Framed, Finishes, and Flubs!

Here is my Blackbird Design's Flock of Birds framed in a favorite Eastside Moldings frame in black with a tan undercoat. Now I just need to find a place to hang it around here.

Two weekends ago I had a pretty productive few days. I finished my Sampler Block of the Month block for September at 12:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, so I could attend the Saturday morning 10:00 a.m. class. I am certainly not alone in this last minute effort. When I got to the quilt shop for our sampler block class, there were several other women who said that they were up until all hours finishing their blocks for the class. Guess some of us work better under pressure! It helps to be using this Bali fabric colorway because the front and back of the Bali fabrics look the same. So at all hours of the night/morning when you can barely see to sew the block together, at least you won't end up with the wrong side of a fabric showing - one potential problem averted!

Then the next day I put the last stitch in my Live Simply. I love this piece - not sure I can LIVE up to the instruction, but hopefully I can aspire to it! It was a quick and easy stitch. The pattern was charted in Valdani thread. I changed all but two of the colors to other hand-dyed threads. It was necessary to finish this piece up because I started stitching another piece and used a length of DARK thread on the new piece, assuming it was WDW Charcoal. Well, it turned out to be the WDW Onyx that I had used on the alphabets in this piece. So, after I had to rip a few stitched words out in the new piece, I went back to this piece and finished it off, stowed the unused threads for Live Simply, and WHA-LA, hopefully no more Charcoal/Onyx confusion!
Well, new patterns are coming in from the cross-stitch market in St. Charles. I loaded up on a bunch of new Halloween patterns. Tomorrow starts the Online Show. It'll be interesting to see how much more new stuff will be out for that. According to the lastest Always In Stitches newsletter, I might be coming out with a new reproduction sampler soon. So, I guess I better get on that right away!!!


woolwoman said...

Your BBD piece is SO wonderful Karen - I love the frame choice. Your Live Simply turned out great too - can't wait to see how you finish that one. market stuff (sigh) I have been trying to self retrict myself on market stashing but I do have a few goodies coming. WHEEEEE - a new repro from the Spinning Monkey - any hints? Mel

Jackie said...

Love your cross stitch and quilt block! You finished it hours and hours before you needed to! :)