Friday, October 16, 2009


Mon amie JLM!!!
I have been waiting and waiting to post these pictures of a SHEEP scarf that I made for my friend who now lives in France until she opened her gifts for her birthday. Well, today's the day, and of course she's 6 hours ahead of me, so she's been celebrating. How do I know? Because in my email this morning was a message from her with the subject line: OMG!!!!! Clearly, she opened this gift - even wrapped in paper with SHEEPS on it.

Besides that I just happen to come on some white alpaca yarn at my LYS to use for the body of the sheep (we LOVE alpaca!!!), I also "found" (meaning I shopped at home) two great sheep buttons to sew on for the eyes. When you stand away, you can't really tell that they are sheep buttons, just that it's eyes are looking sideways.

I love the way this turned out and luckily I have enough of the yarns to knit myself one. I'll have to go hunting for the buttons though or do a little more shopping at home!

JLM said that she would be posting a picture of herself wearing the scarf on her blog, So check out her posting and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Now. . . The Back Story -

One day last year when I was at my LYS, Sandy, one of the owners, was busy and asked me to help one of the customers with the scarf she was knitting. The woman wasn't sure how to pick up stitches. So I sat down and got her going on it. She was knitting a similar scarf to this SHEEP scarf, only it looked like a Panda Bear. I thought it was pretty cute at the time, but didn't know anyone who was a "Panda Bear person", so no need to start THAT project!
Then several months ago, in Joann's, I came across a small book of scarves, and pictured on the back of the book was the SHEEP scarf and also a Zebra scarf (same shape, just knit with black and white stripes and it also had a yarn mane). Needless to say, the book came home with me and so far, one gift was accomplished.


Jackie said...

How cute! The buttons are just PERFECT! I'm glad your friend appreciates it because it is just darling.

woolwoman said...

AWWWW - the sheepie scarf finally makes a debut - toooo cute.

I hope Jane loves and enjoys wearing the scarf. Guess they've gone home now. rough life huh?