Saturday, August 8, 2009


Okay, Okay, I'll post something MB!

Last weekend I had a great time at a rug retreat in a quilt shop. How close to heaven is that??? Hooking with bolts and bolts of quilt fabric, even some gorgeous wool fabric. AND I got a lot done on My House Sampler rug that I started in January. In fact THE HOUSE is complete. It may not look like I got a lot done, but the house does take up the whole center of the rug, as one of my friends kindly pointed out. So I felt pretty good about accomplishing that. Since I got SO MUCH done, I had to spend some time shopping for quilt fabric and taking pictures of the fabulous quilts on the walls. It was ANOTHER weekend of lots of fun, laughs, shopping, and good food. Most memorable - Jill's Stuffed French Toast covered in Maple Syrup. YUM!!! To make it she used 30 eggs!!! and pints and pints of half and half. That amount served at least 15 people, so we each had our morning eggs!

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woolwoman said...

YEAH Karen - so glad you posted to your blog FINALLY - now keep it up!

Your "my house" looks stunning - I love your color plan and yes I do think you made great progress at the retreat. Another fun and memorable weekend - can't wait till Halloween at the Azalea House.
Hugs Mel