Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Whoa! What happens when you see a sign like this on your way to a yarn shop??? In my world, it's a sign, for sure, that SOMETHING special will be there for YOU! My DF Mel and I were on our way to The Local Needle in Macclenny, FL (www.localneedle.com) last Friday night, and just around the corner from the shop, we saw this sign. We had to go around the block, so we could get a picture of it and even figure out what the business was all about - since I was just babbling - There's a sheep head and it says LAMB!!! OH! OH! OH!
Well, we did indeed have a great visit to the shop and YES, there were a few special balls of yarn there for us! More on the rest of the weekend - but I just had to get this picture up for my SHEEP friends!


woolwoman said...

Interesting that you can see that horrendous storm we drove thru looming in the backround of this photo. Yep it was a fun time in old town Macclenny that night. Mel

henri said...

Enjoy your blog and these are
great pictures. . . what a fun
evening it must have been!