Monday, August 10, 2009

Painful Pictures

Well, here's my latest basket "haul" from the Flagler Beach Farmers' Market. It was great to meet the woman behind My Bolga Baskets (there's a link to the website in the right column) and I am looking forward to her moving down this way. Hopefully she can get established at a few of the local markets and grow her business down here. I got her new U-Shopper (Navy and Rose), 3 Markets (little one, navy/rose/natural, and big blue/green) and a Jumbo Shopper in Navy/Sage/Natural. Because she does such a volume business, she's now able to request certain colors and is even working on getting new shapes woven. The quality of the baskets was great and so were the prices!

Okay, as to the PAINFUL part - Just as I got all the baskets hooked on my back fence and was dealing with the camera, I felt something on my left foot. Looking down I saw that I was standing in the middle of a fire ant nest! I had been so focused on whether there were any wasp nests under that area of the fence and how the baskets looked, I forgot to look down. As I was making sure that all the ants were off of me, a mosquito lands on my arm. I smashed it and got a blood spotted palm. That was it! I grabbed my baskets, screamed "It's a jungle out here!" and retreated to the house to deal with the FIVE ant bites on the tops of my feet - I was wearing shoes, but no socks. One good thing - no sitings yet of any 12 foot plus pythons!


rxc and jlm said...

Great site! I can't wait to show Isabelle. But one question, if you begin to post your hauls won't SOMEONE find out and know that new stuff has come into the house?

beeinstitches said...

Yes, "documentation" may be risky. But in this case, they could be GIFTS - that's the story I'll be sticking with!

woolwoman said...

Karen - your baskets haul is wonderful - I saw some of them in person but did not realize you had grown your collection by this much LOL ! WHOOOO - battling bugs is our new part time obession - we are living in a swamp that happens to have roads and houses. glad to see you posting so much on your blog - YGG - Mel