Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ancient History

A month ago I was digging in one of my MANY bags, hunting for a pattern that someone asked me about, and I found a FEW cross-stitch WIPs. Since I was just putting the finishing touches on my new pattern, Mary Bagley, I decided to pull a few of them out and work on them. Ellen Birdseye by The Goode Huswife, pictured above, was one of the WIPs. I think I started it in the late 1990's!!! Well, it's done now and ready to be framed. Another WIP was The Mustard Door by the Goode Huswife, which actually was done, but the framing wasn't finished. So, that is now done and it's up on the wall, next to a lovely fraktur.
And finally, no longer a WIP, is a Sheepish Designs piece entitled, Time Has Wings. As I completed it last week, the message became so personal. Two of my family members are dealing with serious health issues and TIME has definitely been an issue. Hopefully, I'll have a little more time to hunt up a few more WIPs and get them done!


woolwoman said...

Love that Ellen Birdseye - I want to stitch that! the mustard door is wonderful framed up and hanging - LOVE that fraktur - is that a distelfink? Hope you can get thru the health problems with your aunt. Can't wait to see you in a few short weeks! Mel

Jackie said...

What a trove of treasures were in that bag!!!