Sunday, February 14, 2010

From: My Collection

Happy Valentine's Day to all! This is one of my vintage valentines (signed on the back by a young Walter) and a great "find" for me - a lamb AND a bee and beehive!!! WeeOOOOO! Hope all you Honey-Lambs have a wonderful day and get to spend time doing whatever you want! Me? I'll be watching the Daytona 500 and maybe knitting a bit during the commercials. Have fun!


Jackie said...

Happy Valentines Day! Mine was spent doing a bit of sewing and watching a movie with my honey. Nice and quiet!

woolwoman said...

Hi Karen - cute valentine! I pulled out a WIP using Malabrigo that I purchased in NYC several years ago. Finished sleeve 1 and am 1/2 way thru sleeve 2 YIPPEE - Also plundered thru my wool cupboard looking at all the HUGE WIP rugs I have. Pulled a loops on my Antique Blue basket - that center motif backround will soon be completed and on to the border -my goal is to finish that biggy in 2010. Hope you enjoyed your race and got lots done. Mel