Sunday, May 1, 2011

1st Quarter Report

This baby squirrel appeared one day in February and the little one zigged when he/she should have zagged. It's mother booked it up an oak tree in our backyard, but this little guy started to run up the screen and realized - OOPS! This isn't the way back to my nest. What do I do??? Since it was just frozen there, no doubt in sheer panic because Eddie was on the inside of the screen, just out of the picture, I went out with a towel and carefully removed the baby. Off it went, back to familiar ground. Too cute though! It took a while for Eddie to calm down that day.
Okay, now that you are sucked in by a cute baby squirrel picture, here are my finishes for the 1st Quarter of 2011. Brown "Boyfriend" hat for my brother in Atlanta. (#1 on 2011 list)

Two Purl Ridge scarves in Traveler (DK weight) by Sanguine Gryphon. The blue/purple one was a Dye Pot Luck skein, and the other one was one of their Winter 2010 colorways. (#6 on 2011 list)
Here is my Kilkenny Cowl in Chickadee by Quince and Co. The Lupine color was gorgeous - not totally a purple, but not really a blue either. A memorable finish to this - I bound off the last few stitches as my friend and her husband were pulling up my driveway after flying in from France. This cowl was her October 2010 birthday gift. Done! A bit challenging of a knit, but well worth it. (#2 on 2011 list)
This is a sideways picture of my Boathouse Scallop Scarf. It was knit in the Plucky Knitter's Primo (MCN 75/20/5) Fingering weight yarn in a colorway called Boathouse (blue/green). My first knit with PK Primo and it was divine. Lots more to be knit with this yarn, for sure! (Also #6 on 2011 list)
Honey Cowl in the Sanguine Gryphon's Bugga! (MCN 70/10/10) in their Gold Bug colorway. This is a great pattern to show off a spectacular hand-dyed yarn, and a very easy, mindless pattern too. Free from Madelinetosh's website. (Just for fun!)
After rug camp in January, I came home and finished hooking this piece - Ulysses, a Notforgotten Farm design, and available from Spruce Ridge Farm. It was my project from the 2010 Off The Ocean (January) Rug Camp and was not a very big piece. I am binding it like a quilt with brown wool and one side is done in the picture. (#7 on 2011 list)
Here is another Just Enough Ruffles scarf (doubled over). It was a gift for my DF who lives in California and doesn't do well with wool. So it is in a Cotton/Acrylic mix with a multi-colored fuzzy yarn in the ruffle. This will be her Spring/Summer scarf, because for Christmas, I made her another scarf in a rusty color with some interesting eyelashy yarn in the ruffle. So that's the Fall/Winter scarf. (Not on 2011 list)
Not much stitching got done in the 1st Quarter, but lots of yarn buying for new projects and STASH!!! Here was a wonderful BOX from The Plucky Knitter.
I'll leave you with a few pictures of Eddie at one of his favorite activities - facing down his backyard buddies!


woolwoman said...

good thing you rescued that poor baby squirrel from the master hunter - I think Eddie would have siezed the opportunity to use his skills on that bewildered baby. Wow all your projects look great - that Kilkenny cowl is quite impressive. L@@K at that lovely box of Plunky Knitter OOH LA LA - love that yellow color peeking out. Hope you are bringing Master Ulysses to the hook in - he is too cute for words. See you soon! Mel

krayolakris said...

Well I didn't know you TROWELED the squirrel baby off the screen!!! Too funny! Looks like the squirrels have a love/hate relationship with Eddie. Your knitting finishes are all beautiful! Great job! Can I talk you out of that box of Plucky? Love the rug too...turned out great!!

Jackie said...

Disaster averted with the squirrel!

You've been busy with some lovely projects! Plucky is coming by the boxfuls now, huh?