Friday, October 1, 2010

Tropical Storm Day

While it was raining the other day, I started this post - pulling pictures. Now, the rain is gone and it's left a bit cooler weather - YEAH!!! So, here are some FO's (finished objects) from the recent past. It's difficult to put anything on the floor to photograph it without a cat checking it out and plopping down on it. So here is Little Eddie, not really so "Little" anymore, on a Mara shawl that was made for DF Judy and was sent off to her at the beginning of September. It's GREEN, so it's good!

Below is a small flag which was the first project of the Bread and Butter Society (a club using Kay Englund reproduction fabric). It was fun to do something small and get it quilted and bound in a few days! I've got the second project cut and partially sewn. Will have to finish it up later this month.

This was the September Sampler Saturday block done in nice purple batiks.

This is yet another Just Enough Ruffles scarf. May have to keep this one for myself!

Here is the Little House Needleworks design that I stitched, framed, and gifted in August to DF JH in honor of her and her sweetheart's 30th wedding anniversary. I adapted the pattern a bit by adding their initials and the 30, and also used yellow instead of the called for red for the berries and heart because JH is a blue/yellow person. DF Mel did a great post about our fabulous birthday celebration and this is pictured among the gifts on the table.

I had some Malabrigo Aquarella (bulky thick/thin) yarn in the Solis colorway sitting around so I decided to do a circular scarf/cowl. This was a very quick knit on size 17 needles, I think. I purposely twisted the stitches on the first row before joining the row to knit in the round. This put a twist in the piece so when it's doubled up to be a cowl it lays nicely. It just so happened that when I went down to my LYS to leave it on the WALL of Malabrigo as a sample, they had a display form set up that had a wonderful necklace made of ladder yarn that matched my knitted piece. So how perfect was that???? for picture taking???? I wrote up the pattern, which is just the twist at the beginning and all worked in seed stitch, and left it at Knit or Knot for any takers. They have a good supply of this yarn and are always looking for ideas on how to use it.

It's OCTOBER already!!! Here's hoping we can get thru it without any more or very little tropical weather activity. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to cooler weather. I want to experience some PRONTO!!! Where is my Star Trek Transporter???


woolwoman said...

Karen - GREAT POST ! OMGoodness - you have completed so many lovely things lately - LOVE that MalaB piece you left at KorK - it is really stunning and Mom's little bluebird piece looks incredible in your photo - I can't wait to see where she's displaying it. Between you and Kris - I'm going to be forced to try my hand at the JER scarf - of course since I have a Karen Original - maybe I don't need to bother LOL. Enjoy! Mel

woolwoman said...

PS - LOVE the Flag quilted piece - gorgeous fabric and your batik BOM is beautiful. I heard that shop in St Aug (margrieta's ) has beautiful batiks - next time you're up - I think we should check it out! Mel

Jackie said...

You've been busy! Loads of beautiful finished projects! Little Eddie is a cutie. My pups love soft things but they're not interested at all in my knitting.

I know your weather hasn't cooled off as much as ours has because I'm a few hours north of you. I hope you're getting some welcomed relief from the heat like we are. I'm sitting with the windows open now - it's just heavenly! In Florida, we have to enjoy it for the few days we can. I just wish there were more of them!