Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby Bee Skep

My DF Henrietta stitched me this piece a month or so ago. It's all over ONE (probably on 28 ct.)! It came to me in the mail with a BEE-themed card that she made - also a treasure! I framed the piece yesterday. I have long admired the little stitched bee skep that Henri has framed and on the wall in her kitchen. She was kind enough to make sure that I have my very own. I'll have to find a permanent home for it on one of my walls - one where I see it EVERY day!
Thanks again, HONEY!


woolwoman said...

OH - What a BEE U Ti FUL piece Henri made for you - I love the frame too! She is such a talented stitcher not to mention a treasured friend!
Thanks for showing this

Jackie said...

I love Henri's stitching. The frame you selected sets it off beautifully! What a treasure!