Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mermaid Girl

Here's a finish of mine from the end of October. It was a present for my sister for her recent birthday. She loves mermaids. Yes, Yes, I know, I should be doing one of those GORGEOUS Mirabilia mermaids for her, and actually, I do have the graphs for at least TWO of those babes. Maybe if I start in 2010 I might get one done for her next BIG birthday, which would be in 2018!!! Ya think??? Hmmmmm. . . . .

Anyway, I was so excited to get this in the mail - EARLY - that I forgot to take a picture of it. Nothing like getting something all gift wrapped and then boxed to go to the Post Office and THEN remembering you need a picture of it! UGH! So she sent me the picture after she opened it for HER day. She loved it - of course!

It is BY THE OCEAN WITH JANE AUSTEN by The Sampler Girl. A pretty quick and easy stitch. I did a few color changes - like putting some of the red/dark coral in the motif on the right, so that it would match the frame. The frame is an old Hog River frame that was made for a Christmas design, but it just happened to be a good size fit for the piece and I thought the painted gold circles looked a bit like air bubbles bubbling up from under the sea - so it worked for me. Plus, the frame color is pretty close to what I remember as the color of my sister's bedroom walls. As it turns out, the frame color is so close to her bedroom wall color she's hung the piece on her closet door which is white and provides the necessary contrast.

Am off to a rug hooking retreat at the Olde Green Cupboard. I'll be collecting the $25 gift certificate that I won at the end of August. Gee, I wonder how many days I'll have that before it's spent??? Not many to NONE! Ha-Ha!

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woolwoman said...

AWWWW the mermaid design is SO cute - Love the frame - perfect choice - we'll be missing Hog River forever I guess. Can't wait to see you (very soon now) for lunch before our hooking marathon weekend. Hope you remembered to bring the other girls - the Cape Cod girls! Later mel